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Advocacy 3.0 is a multidisciplinary approach that addresses profound changes in the public policy landscape. It reflects a world defined by more participative politics, growing tension between evidence and emotion, hyper-connectivity and information overload.

The ability to mobilise in-depth expertise through online and offline stakeholder engagement is increasingly important to influence the policy-making process. Advocacy 3.0 leverages the distinct but interlinked disciplines of government relations, public affairs and public relations, into a single coherent strategy.

Adapting to a rapidly changing world can mean the difference between just surviving and boldly succeeding. Hyper-connectivity, information overload and citizen activism are now driving a new public policy paradigm, where an organisation’s value and licence to operate are in both the hands of political decision makers, and the court of public opinion.

Regulation, reputation and risk – the "3 Rs" – are defining features of this world, and long gone are the days when technical know-how, a little black book of contacts, the occasional press release and tweet were enough to achieve your public policy objectives.

Today, the fine art of lobbying needs to be combined with the ability to understand everything that is happening (both offline and online), define a catchy narrative and ensure you are atop the information pyramid (again off and online) with strong and trustworthy content. Today, the separate – but in practice often inseparable – disciplines of government relations, public affairs and wider communications are combining to shape advocacy like never before.

We help our clients with all manner of advocacy. Sometimes we coordinate lobbying campaigns towards the European Parliament and Member States; sometimes we develop programmes to assess, build and manage reputation, sometimes we help train and prepare for a crisis that requires sharpened communications skills; on other occasions we just watch, listen, learn and advise.At Cambre we believe in advocacy specialisation in sector-specific policy, in legislative procedure, in networks… but also specialisation in things like search engine optimisation, infographics, personal profiling, polling, online campaigning and multimedia.

Increasingly however, we end up using strategy and tactics from across the government relations, public affairs and communications spectrum to capitalise on the opportunity, mitigate the risk and simply get the job done. Lobbying as we knew it is dead (long live lobbying!) but advocacy 3.0 is thriving. Are you ready?

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