A technology and engineering company

Securing a REACH restriction for a component of a life-saving medical device

A technology and engineering company, dedicated to highly specialised polymers and polymer products approached Cambre to secure an exemption under REACH for a particular substance, in one of their innovative life-saving and life-enhancing product ranges.

Our approach

Cambre prepared an effective advocacy strategy and implemented an extensive outreach campaign encompassing relevant DGs in the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and member states. This was accompanied by comprehensive daily monitoring, as well as regular position papers and other advocacy material.

The result

Ultimately, the work was successful in securing an exemption for the substance in the needed application. The Cambre team arranged meetings with key member states, ECHA and all the relevant Commission staff. We also built positive relationships with policymakers, complementing the company’s efforts in other areas and putting them on the map as a trusted partner.