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Epoxy resins - Spotlight on a widely used but little known material

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Cambe helps Epoxy Resin Committee (EPC) communicate the uses and benefits of epoxy resins. With our support, ERC first established its online presence by launching a website reflecting the modern and dynamic image of the industry. ERC also promoted a study demonstrating the socioeconomic value of epoxies to European consumers and businesses.


Despite being used in a wide variety of applications, epoxy resins are a family of synthetic plastics whose benefits are little known to the greater public and policy-makers.

The Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC) is the industry group representing the major European epoxy resin producers. With the support of Cambre, it launched its first website aiming to increase knowledge of these substances and explain their importance to consumers, policy-makers and members of the epoxy supply chain.

Cambre’s work consisted in reviewing and harmonising a huge variety of technical and policy documents issued by the association and making them more attractive and suitable for web audiences. The image-driven and application-focused website design reflects the need to both explain what epoxy resins are and where they are most commonly found. 

By combining a number of web and print tools, Cambre further supported the ERC in promoting a study on the socioeconomic benefits of epoxy manufacturing to European business and consumers.

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