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With the privatization of tasks which were traditionally government responsibilities, private security guards are increasingly moving into the public domain. CoESS, representing the private security service sector, is a key pillar for the implementation of security strategies which guide EU and Member State actions. Recognizing this responsibility, CoESS is cooperating with EU policy-makers, with Cambre being a long-standing and trusted advisor.


CoESS was founded in 1989 to bring together and represent the interests of private security services professionals throughout Europe. In light of the multitude of EU policies and strategies directly or indirectly affecting the private security industry, CoESS members decided to step up activities at EU level. CoESS’s goal was to become the main point of reference in the area of EU private security services for EU policy-makers and stakeholders.

CoESS is one of the most long-standing clients at Cambre. Initially the services Cambre provided were focused on establishing and positioning CoESS and the private security service sector in the policy discussions at the EU institutions and to help develop a network of contacts. With Cambre advise, the client implemented a successful lobby strategy, to communicate the particularities of the sector to policy makers and to actively contribute to the regulatory environment in which private security service companies provide services. Cambre helps defining CoESS’ position on key policy issues and to engage in the debate, notably on internal market rules including procurement, but also on security and home affairs related initiatives.

Today, CoESS is one of the key actors in the policy debates which n impact on private security services, and is member of a variety of EU stakeholder and expert groups, in which it takes an active role.

“Over the years, CoESS has worked closely with Cambre’s team. They have played a key role in helping the association achieve its EU affairs objectives. Cambre’s team is always very helpful and quick to find solutions to various issues. I am impressed by Cambre’s thorough public affairs knowledge and expertise.” Hilde de Clerck, Secretary-General CoESS.

As part of the project to update the best value manual for buying private security services, Cambre realised in cooperation with external suppliers a new upgraded website: the Secure Best Value Manual

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