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Management, advocacy and communication for the European Sugar Refineries Association

External Relations & International Trade, Food, Drink & Agriculture, Manufacturing Industries
Association Management, Government Relations, Public Affairs, Public Relations
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Cambre established, manages and provides outreach support to an association representing Europe’s cane sugar refining industry.


Full-time cane sugar refineries decided in February 2012 that they needed to establish a European association in order to represent and defend their interests in a highly regulated and concentrated European sugar market. 

Cambre set-up the Association, and, ahead of the 2014 sugar market reforms, developed and implemented a comprehensive advocacy and communications strategy around the reform and related legislative agendas (competition, international trade, agriculture). This aimed to establish a constructive dialogue between European sugar refineries and decision-makers at European and national levels, as well as with other parties involved in the development of the sugar industry. Ultimately, the Association sought to create a level playing field for sugar refining in Europe and fight imbalances in treatment between the sugar refining industry and the sugar producers. 

Cambre proposed a rigorous advocacy strategy, including technical meetings with the European Commission, engagement with the Parliament to exert political pressure, and media relations to complete the picture and raise public awareness of the unequal treatment of sugar refiners in Europe. Cambre also offered PR support, developing and managing ESRA’s online presence and developing materials for policy stakeholders and the media. 

As a result of this campaign, Cambre has positioned ESRA as the single point of contact for the Commission when it comes to the sugar refining sector. It is now in the process of building a public image for the sector, and raising awareness of its concerns.




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