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Innovative digital campaign to educate audiences about oil refining

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The European association representing petroleum refiners hired Cambre to design and implement an online campaign aimed at educating the public at large about oil refining and the contribution of its products to society. The campaign was built around a multilingual website with animations, videos, and a quiz competition.


Improving awareness of the issues faced by European refiners begins with creating a clear understanding of how oil refining works and the contribution of the many products derived from it, which indeed go well beyond petrol or diesel for our cars. Cambre designed a multimedia online campaign with lots of interactive content aimed at describing the refining process in detail and the uses of many products in our everyday lives. became the central hub for all content and promotional activities related to this campaign. Content included computer-generated animations and interactive scenarios to explain how a refinery works and the many uses of refined products.

There was a strong push to promote the campaign on social media and other online channels. To encourage further engagement, a quiz competition was organised to test visitors’ knowledge of the refining industry.

The website was translated into Spanish and Portuguese.





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