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Mobilising grassroots constituencies for effective advocacy

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The EU is increasingly a political animal and in today’s hyperconnected world, this reality provides opportunities as well as risks. Cambre helps stakeholders reach out to grassroots constituencies across the EU for awareness-raising, but also to harness the power of public opinion for political advocacy.


Remember ACTA? The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a multilateral treaty designed to protect intellectual property signed by all EU Member States, was unceremoniously rejected by the European Parliament in July 2012 by a massive 478 votes to 39. Citizen activism – with all its trappings of street demonstrations, petitions, online campaigns, etc. – went pan-European in a big way, sweeping away the image of Brussels as the seat of Technocrats.

Recent research by the LSE highlighted this changing landscape: business actors, the researchers found, are today on the whole less successful than citizen groups at lobbying EU legislators.

At Cambre, we specialise in staying ahead of the trends and the core of our service today is Advocacy 3.0. From organising petitions and demonstrations or polling an MEP’s constituents to building pan-European coalitions and rolling out online campaigns, our toolbox continues to expand to enable our clients to effectively understand, address and/or harness public opinion.


1. Brussels demonstration for European Obesity Day 



2. Public celebration on Place Luxembourg in Brussels to raise awareness about the signature of a third country Association Agreement with the EU


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