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Institutional lobbying is a time-honoured art, where subject expertise, networks and tactical skill are king. In Brussels, where politicians, civil servants, interest groups and civil society come together in multilayered formations, the art of lobbying takes on new dimensions. And the EU is far more than just Brussels. From research and strategic counsel to practical support, Cambre’s experts can help you navigate the quagmires of European legislative and policy processes and ensure your voice is heard when, where and by whom it matters.


In-depth knowledge of the institutional environment is essential to effective lobbying. Stakeholder mappings and audits provide a solid foundation for effective messaging and lobbying strategy. Once you have identified who you need to speak to, what you need to say and the opportune moment to say it, meeting programmes and the development of materials tailored for your stakeholders are the pillars of success. Often however, you may need to branch out further: video, online communications, newsletters, article placements… the toolbox of the creative lobbyist is large.

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