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CEFIC has called upon us for a number of projects over the years. Among other assignments, Cambre was asked to design and deliver three communications-driven projects, aimed at a variety of stakeholders - including the general public - and focused on positioning CEFIC as a trusted resource and authority on a wide range of issues.


Cambre has helped CEFIC with its stakeholder communications through a number of activities, including the drafting and production of its annual reviews, the management of its media relations and the development of the Long-Range Initiatives website.

CEFIC Annual Review - Cambre worked on the presentation of the association’s annual reports to clearly set out the views of the challenges faced by this major industry, as well as solutions proposed. The copy and visual elements reinforced the image of the chemical industry in Europe as innovative and vibrant. The reports are used as “calling cards” by senior officials of CEFIC and of the wider European chemical industry.

Media Relations – Cambre has conducted European media relations with specialist and general press to communicate CEFIC’s commitment to research into the safe use and environmental impact of chemicals. Cambre has carried out several media relations projects for CEFIC around WHO meetings, and for industry initiatives such as the Long-range Research Initiative and SusChem.

Long-Range Initiatives Web Site – Cambre worked with CEFIC to strengthen and modernise an online information platform used as a resource for the scientific and research communities on chemicals, health and the environment. First, Cambre carried out a thorough audit of the previous web site and advised on new content and design. The resulting website was more attractive and user-friendly, and included sub-sites for the Long-Range Initiative Innovative Science Awards and Requests for Proposals. Response from the scientific and research communities was extremely positive.


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