Major pharmaceutical company

Global advocacy and awareness campaign in the area of men’s health

Cambre was asked to create a positive public affairs environment around the launch of a new product in the area of men’s health, with a particular focus on promoting the benefits of self-care and the advantages of over the counter (OTC) medication in this therapeutic area.

Our approach

Cambre developed a framework for global PA and PR campaign to raise awareness of the importance of this medical condition for men’s health and promote the value of self-care and OTC medication as a solution. The strategy was developed around a global public opinion survey in 7 markets on attitudes towards this medical condition and opinions on self-care and OTC compared to other therapeutic solutions. The evidence from the survey supported global PR and PA activities​ in Europe, North America and Australasia, an internal communications toolkit, and active engagement with key stakeholder groups including regulators, policymakers, payers, and patient groups.

The result

The framework developed by Cambre enabled a joined-up global PR and PA campaign, with the flexibility for regional variation in accordance with local needs. The successful campaign accelerated the launch of a self-care coalition of interested stakeholder organisations and ultimately conditioned the successful launch of the product.