Major pharmaceutical company

Promoting self-care and men’s health worldwide

A major pharmaceutical company engaged Cambre to raise awareness around men’s health and promote the role self-care can play in addressing men’s healthcare deficit and more specifically male sexual health problems. A wider objective was set to strengthen the company’s reputation as a leader in self-care among leading global policymakers, healthcare professionals and the public.

Our approach

Cambre’s strategy aimed to establish the client’s reputation as a leader in self-care and men’s health globally, by using insights garnered from a first of its kind global opinion survey to build relationships with key opinion leaders and relevant authorities . The study, follow-up engagement strategy and partnership programme was coordinated across North America, Europe and Australasia.

The result

With Cambre’s support, our client successfully activated local teams and launched public affairs and media outreach programmes across 8 markets ,including Australia, France, Germany and the United States. The campaign, orchestrated around the global opinion survey, provided a platform for dialogue with men’s health and selfcare organisations and resulted in the formalisation of strategic partnerships with key professional and patient bodies. An “ambassador” programme with prominent 3rd party advocacy champions was also created. To leverage the potential of internal company champions, an internal self-care newsletter was developed, which strengthened our client’s position in global and regional trade associations. Finally, significant profile in the international media   further to the launch of the study was generated in  Australia, Europe and the US.