Code of conduct

Cambre is a member of the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association, EPACA, which is the representative trade body for public affairs consultancies working with EU institutions. As such, Cambre adheres to the EPACA code of conduct and supports the introduction of voluntary registration system for all lobbyists.

The EPACA code of conduct states the following:

Our work as public affairs professionals contributes to a healthy democratic process, acting as a link between the world of business and civil society and European policy-makers. The signatories to this code are all committed to abide by it, acting in an honest, responsible and courteous manner at all times and seeking to apply the highest professional standards.

In their dealings with the EU institutions public affairs practitioners shall:

  1. Identify themselves by name and by company;
  2. Declare the interest represented;
  3. Neither intentionally misrepresent their status nor the nature of their inquiries to officials of the EU institutions nor create any false impression in relation thereto;
  4. Neither directly nor indirectly misrepresent links with EU institutions;
  5. Honour confidential information given to them;
  6. Not disseminate false or misleading information knowingly or recklessly and shall exercise proper care to avoid doing so inadvertently;
  7. Not sell for profit to third parties copies of documents obtained from EU institutions;
  8. Not obtain information from EU institutions by dishonest means;
  9. Avoid any professional conflicts of interest;
  10. Neither directly nor indirectly offer nor give any financial inducement to:- any EU official, nor- Member of the European Parliament, nor- their staff;
  11. Neither propose nor undertake any action which would constitute an improper influence on them;
  12. Only employ EU personnel subject to the rules and confidentiality requirements of the EU institutions;

All signatories agree that they and all employees of their company will adhere to the above Code, and be subject to the disciplinary rules of EPACA (as set out in the Statutes and Internal Regulations) in case of breach of the Code. The signatories will meet annually to review this code. For more information, please visit EPACA